Data Loggers

Record temperature or temperature&humidity and store it in internal memory together with a date/time stamp.
Recorded data are downloaded either via separate LogTag interface cradle LTI (see accessories near the bottom of the hardware page) or using the logger’s integral USB plug (to view, select the “USB data loggers” check box in the criteria).


Low-cost monitoring devices for use in applications where a Pass/Fail indication is sufficient, showing if temperatures left a pre-defined range.

Probe Types

External probe

Data loggers where the sensor is located in an external temperature probe. This is of advantage if data loggers are to be used at a distance from the location to be measured. A typical application would be fridge monitoring, where the probe is located inside the fridge and the logger is fixed to the outside wall, making visual alerts via LED or LCD easy to notice.

Integrated sensor

The sensor is mounted directly on the logger case; an arrangement suitable for most applications. This design features a temperature sensor that is uniquely arranged
in a recess in the logger case, providing fast reaction time to temperature changes.

Other Features

Ultra-Low Temperature

Used at temperatures as low as -80°C, as they occur for example during transport under dry ice conditions.

Humidity Sensor

Relative Humidity is measured alongside temperature.

Statistics Memory

Comprehensive statistics memory: this allows viewing of min/max values and temperature excursions for the last days and weeks, directly on the logger's display. This is of advantage if a PC is not available at the destination.


Informative LCD shows last recorded temperature, current time and any triggered alarms.


Units can be downloaded multiple times, but can only be configured once. Those data loggers and indicators are mainly used where a return is not possible or not economical.

PDF Report

LogTag Analyzer software can generate a stand-alone PDF report for each download, containing all important data for each trip at a glance.
The "Stand-alone PDF Report" function generates this PDF report fully automatic without using LogTag Analyzer. This feature is available exclusively with USB data loggers and is of advantage when LogTag interface and LogTag Analyzer software are not available at the destination.

USB Data Logger

Data loggers with integrated USB plug. Makes it possible to download the recorded data directly to a computer using a USB port. This has advantages when no interface is present at the destination.

Multiple Alarm Levels 

Allows settings up to 6 freely configurable alarm thresholds.

Audible Alarm

An alarm event is registered, when a pre-determined number of recorded values are outside defined thresholds. An audible alarm sounds.