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Electronic Temperature Indicators

When sending temperature sensitive goods it is essential to record the temperature directly at the product during transport. In many cases it is necessary to record a complete temperature profile, so statements can be made about the temperatures the product was exposed to.
Very often, however, it is sufficient to know if temperatures have remained within pre-defined thresholds, i.e. if they exceeded or went below critical limits. LogTag® Temperature Indicators TIC20 ​​and TICT were specifically designed with these applications in mind.

The extremely well priced LogTag® indicators measure temperature over a period of 20 or 45 days and indicate a "pass / fail" if temperatures went outside pre-defined alarm limits. Up to four alarm limits can be pre-set, allowing users to see how"critical" these temperature events were.

LogTag® Temperature Indicators are ideal when needing to make easy and uncomplicated decisions about a shipment's temperature delivery conditions at the destination, without having to use a computer or printer. If download of critical data is useful, this can be done through an interface and the freely available LogTag® Analyzer software.

LogTag® TICT Temperature Indicator

This electronic disposable indicator monitors temperature for up to 45 days and indicates on an LCD display if temperatures went outside pre-defined limits.
Up to 2 upper and 2 lower limits can be factory pre-configured, as well as other alarm and measurement parameters.

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LogTag® TICT-iS0°Tag® Freeze Indicator

The LogTag TICT iS0°Tag® is a tamper-proof electronic indicator which shows if the temperature has been at or below freezing point (0 °C) for 60 minutes or more. The iS0°Tag® can be used to monitor the temperature of any freeze-sensitive product such as vaccine, food, or specialty chemicals for up to 3 years.

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LogTag® TIC20 ​​Temperature Indicator

From the same family as the TICT, the TIC20 monitors temperature during transport for a period of up to 20 days. Additionally, it features a statistics display, on which information such as min / max values, alarm time and alarm duration can be read by the press of a button.
The TIC20 ​​is optimized for monitoring vaccine shipments and can be ordered pre-configured to match a variety of specific vaccine temperature profiles.
Up to 4 limits as well as other alarm and measurement parameters can be factory pre-configured.

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