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LogTag® Protective Enclosure

LogTag® Protective Enclosure

Product Summary

The LogTag® Protective Enclosure is specifically designed for LogTag® recorder products to allow use in harsh environments.

The design of the enclosure minimises the effects of thermal lag caused by the additional casing. In general, the enclosure adds about 70 % to the reaction time to temperature change for a given environment.

The enclosure’s case is made from high impact polycarbonate plastic and is clear to allow viewing of the enclosed recorder’s LCD or indicators. Conservatively rated at IP 67 (equivalent to NEMA6).

Supports LogTag® TRID30-7x, TRIX-8/16, SRIC-4, TRIL-8/SRIL-8, USRIC-8 products.

Technical Specifications

Part Order Code 200-000020
LogTag® models supported TRID30-7x, TRIX-8/16, SRIC-4, TRIL-8/SRIL-8, USRIC-8
Storage temperature range -40 °C ~ +85 °C
Environmental protection rating IP 67 (equivalent to NEMA6) for temperatures 1 °C~+40 °C
Case material Clear Polycarbonate with silicon rubber seal
Chemical resistance In general the polycarbonate material can withstand alcohols and diluted acids well. Problems can occur with hydrocarbons, phenols, esters, ketones and alkalis especially at elevated temperatures.
T90 thermal performance With TRIX-8 in 1 m/s air : T90 = ~ 10 minutes.
With TRID30-7x in 1 m/s air : T90 = ~ 17 minutes
Size 104 mm (L- not including lug) x 76.5 mm (W - including clips and hinge) x 13mm D
Weight 41 grams