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LogTag yazılım analyzer'i

LogTag Analyzer - Powerful Software

The powerful "LogTag Analyzer for Windows™" software allows fast download and archiving while its comprehensive graphical and list views simplify further data processing.

Upload to FTP
Upload to FTP

FDA Compliant
FDA Compliant

Software Features:

Free download


In default configuration, LogTag Analyzer will display downloaded or file opened data as a chart. The red colour area represents the region above the upper and the blue colour area the region below the lower alert limit; the green is the 'OK' region in between.


Zooming into an area of interest on the chart by clicking and dragging with your mouse.

Report Example

Example Report Screen is shown below.
Parameters and trip information are grouped into easily recognisable sections. A graph window is displayed below or to the right depending on window size.


Example configuration screen for HAXO-8 temperature and humidity logger.


Annotations can be easily added to a Chart.


The ability to display several series of measurements from a number of humidity/temperature data loggers is a valuable tool to be able to compare data with each other.

LogTag Online - Cloud Service

LogTag Online (LTO) is a web-based online platform that provides alarm notifications, compliance, data storage and reporting functions. LTO allows its users to download data from LogTag data loggers, view the data in the cloud, and share and backup the data using a permission-based system.

Software Features

  • Easy access via your browser
  • Transmit measurement data in real-time*
  • Alarm notification via SMS and e-mail*
  • Secure storage of measured data
  • Permission system for users
  • Comfortable sharing of data
  • Management of multiple locations 
LogTag Online Sign-up


LogTag Online is suitable for environments of all sizes - from small settings such as pharmacies and doctors with just a few refrigerators to large clinics and warehouses with a variety of cold rooms.


LogTag Online automates vaccine temperature monitoring and ensures compliance with VFC and CDC guidelines.


Access your data via LogTag Online on any device with an Internet connection and browser.

Easy operation

Setting up your account is quick and easy. You can then access your data immediately and online.


LogTag Online accepts data from any LogTag data logger, so you do not have to update your existing loggers to get started.


Immediate notification of a temperature alarm can be sent to your email or phone.

Real-time data

Your temperature data are uploaded to the cloud in real-time and can be viewed any time.

* For the effective use of LogTag Online, a Wall Mounted Wireless Interface Cradle is recommended that allows your LogTag data loggers to send real-time data directly to the LogTag Online Cloud. Alternatively, you can manually read your data loggers via the WiFi interface to send the recorded data to LogTag Online. If you are looking for a LogTag data logger with integrated WiFi functions - the UTRED30-WiFi model offers this option.

Access Plans for LogTag Online

Feature Free access Standard access
Online storage of records 3 months 5 years
Notifications Email Email and SMS
Number of SMS notifications N/A up to 25 per month
Number of online records 30 1000
Online storage of records 1 year 5 years
Number of registered devices unlimited unlimited
Number of users 1 unlimited