LogTag® LTI-HID Desktop USB Interface Cradle

LogTag® LTI-HID Desktop USB Interface Cradle


  • New and improved design to replace the current LTI-USB Interface Cradle.
  • Uses drivers from Windows OS so no need to install proprietary drivers.
  • Compatible with all standard LogTag products.
  • LED Indicators to identify what action the Interface is performing.

The new LTI-HID desktop USB interface cradle replaces the current LTI/ USB interface. The LTI-HID uses interface drivers that are built into all currently supported Windows OS versions, so there is no longer any need to install proprietary drivers.

The LTI-HID is compatible with all standard LogTag® recording products having 3 silver contact pins in the lower rear case. The LTI-HID uses the proven and reliable spring contact arrangement taken from the LTI/USB. The LTI-HID incorporates a micro USB socket for connection to a computer.

Two indicators at the top (red & green), identify what actions the interface is currently performing:When a Logger is inserted, the green indicator turns off, the red indicator turns on and remains on while Logger and software exchange information, (E.g. during data download or configuring the Logger). When the data exchange is complete, the green indicator flashes to show that the recorder can now be removed, or further data exchange can be initiated (E.g. starting the configuration process after an automatic download).
When the Logger is removed, the green indicator turns on again and signals that the interface is ready to receive the next Logger.

Product Model LTI-HID
Recorder operating temperature range -20 to +60 °C
Storage Temperature Range -40 to +70 °C
Environmental IP 50 (Rated for indoor use only)
Power source Powered from computer
Connection Interface Micro USB
Software LTA 2.9r2, LTA 3.0r8, LTX 1.1r1 LogTag Online
Size 45 mm (h) x 85 mm (w) x 71 mm (d), excluding cable
Weight 74 g, excluding cable
Case Material Polycarbonate, ABS
USB Standard 2.0
Indicators Green ‘Activity’ LED. Red ‘Busy/Error’ LED
Accessories 1,0 m USB Cable