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WHO Pre-qualified Data Loggers

WHO PQS listed data loggers for vaccines

In many cases, it is critical that vaccinations are successful. To be able to ensure this, the temperatures of vaccines must be continuously monitored and maintained during transport and storage.

Our data loggers with WHO PQS listing enable you to demonstrate a gap-free temperature profile and enable you to make comprehensive statements about the historical temperatures of a product.

LogTag® TRIX-8 WHO-certified Temperature Data Logger

LogTag TRIX-8 Temperatur-Datenlogger

The LogTag TRIX data loggers are versatile, multi-trip temperature data loggers that record high-resolution temperature readings over a wide measuring range of -40 °C to +85 °C.

  • WHO PQS Pre-qualified under E006: PQS CODE E006/006
  • Optical alarm via LED
  • High temperature accuracy and failure-resistance
  • Recording start via button press
  • Rapid Download!

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LogTag® vaxtag® WHO-certified temperature logger with display

LogTag vaxtag WHO Datenlogger

Using LogTag® vaxtag® loggers, temperatures in cooling containers and vaccine refrigerators can be reliably recorded in accordance with PQS E006/TR06.3 guidelines, published by the World Health Organization WHO. The parameters and alarm thresholds are preconfigured according to WHO requirements.

  • WHO PQS prequalified in category E006 - device PQS code E006/013
  • Preconfigured parameters that meet the requirements of the WHO
  • 30 days statistics overview, that can be reviewed directly on the display
  • Stores up to 7.770 time-stamped temperature data for later download

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LogTag® USRID-16W WHO-certified temperature logger with display

The WHO-compliant LogTag® data loggers USRID-16W1 and USRID-16W2 with USB connection meet the increasing demand for inexpensive and reliable single-use temperature data loggers with integrated USB and display. They are ideally suited for pharmaceutical and vaccine transports, as well as laboratory applications in medical applications and healthcare.

LogTag USRID-16W1 WHO konformer Datenlogger


USRID-16W1 (WHO PQS prequalified as E006/070) ist suitable for shipments of freeze sensitive vaccines requiring WHO Type 1 alarm configuration:

  • DTP, DT
  • TT, Td
  • HepB, IPV, HPV
  • Liquid Hib and Combination Vaccines
  • PCV (not for Prevenar)
LogTag USRID-16W2 WHO konformer Datenlogger


USRID16-W2 (WHO PQS prequalified as E006/070) ist suitable for shipments of vaccines requiring WHO Type 2 alarm configuration:

  • BCG, lyophilized Hib, OPV
  • Measles, MR, MMR, Rabies
  • Meningitis (polysaccharide)
  • Yellow fever vaccinations
  • Rotavirus (other than Rotateq)

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LogTag® TIC20 Temperature Indicators

LogTag WHO Indikatoren

The LogTag® TIC20 (pre-qualified for the World Health Organization's PQS E006 standard (Code E006/021)) is a single-use electronic temperature indicator for temperature monitoring in pharmaceutical transport applications for up to 20 days. Meets the WHO PQS performance specification E06/TR07.2.

The TIC20 is optimized for monitoring vaccine transports and can be ordered with pre-configured vaccine temperature profiles:

  • Type 1 alarm version DTP, DT, TT, Td, HepB, IPV, liquid Hib and combination vaccines
  • Type 2 alarm version OPV, freeze-dried BCG, measles, MR, MMR, Hib, yellow fever and menengitis vaccines
  • Typ Prevenar alarm version Prevenar 7&13
  • Type RotaTeq alarm version RotaTeq®

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LogTag® TICT iS0°Tag®Freeze Indicator

LogTag WHO Indikatoren

The LogTag® TICT iS0°Tag® is a tamperproof, irreversible electronic indicator which shows if the temperature has been at or below freezing point (0 °C or 32 °F) for 60 minutes.
Designed to meet WHO PQS performance specification E06/IN03.1 for irreversible freeze indicators. WHO PQS Pre-qualified model available (E006/038).

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WHO Guideline E006: Temperature Monitoring Devices

Our data loggers are specially pre-qualified for temperature monitoring of vaccines according to the WHO Performance Specification "PQS Pre-qualified under E006".

Products in this category consist of thermometers, freeze-indicators, temperature recorders, alarm systems, event logs and remote communication devices for temperature monitoring at all levels of the cold chain.

Following is an overview of our LogTag data loggers

Threshold values for vaccine temperatures

Vaccines DTP, DT, TT, TD, Hep B, IPV, Liquid Hib and combinations, MenAfriVac, HPV, PCV (not Prevenar) BCG, lyophilized Hib, measles, MR, MMR, Menningitis (polysaccharide), OPV, rabies, rotavirus (not RotaTeq) and yellow fever vaccines that are sent with ice packs Prevenar 7&13 RotaTeq®
Upper Threshold ≥ +45 °C was exceeded for 1 hour ≥ +45 °C was exceeded for 1 hour ≥ +40 °C was exceeded for 1 hour ≥ +27 °C was exceeded for 1 hour
Medium Threshold

≥ +30 °C was exceeded for 10 hours,

cumulative exposure

≥ +30 °C was exceeded for 10 hours

cumulative exposure

≥ +30 °C was exceeded for 10 hours, cumulative exposure ≥ +17 °C was exceeded for 2 hours, cumulative exposure
Lower threshold ≤ -0,5 °C exposure below threshold in excess of 1 hour ≤ +10 °C was exceeded for 20 hours, cumulative exposure ≤ -0,5 °C exposure below threshold in excess of 1 hour ≤ -2,5 °C exposure below threshold in excess of 1 hour