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Wall Mount Bracket for LogTag® Data Loggers

Wall Mount Bracket for LogTag® Data Loggers

Wall Mount Brackets for LogTag® Data Loggers

LogTag® wall mount brackets offer a simple and practical solution for attaching a LogTag® data logger to walls, doors and other vertical surfaces, while still allowing easy removal, for example, to download data to a PC for archival. Even models with an external sensor can be inserted and removed without having to unplug the sensor.

The wall mount brackets are made of robust & durable polycarbonate and can be used in a variety of environmental conditions such as cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers and shipping containers, as well as in numerous other applications. They can be attached using the included high-strength double-sided adhesive tape, or optionally be screwed to the surface.

Wall Mount Bracket WMB-01

For all current LogTag® models excluding indicators and UTRED30/UTREL30 loggers

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Wall Mount Bracket WMB-02

For loggers UTRED30 and UTREL30

Technical Data