You can view, download and print calibration certificates for your loggers directly from LogTag Analyzer 3.


Calibration certificate issue
Calibration certificates are valid for 12 months from the date of first configuration, or the first temperature recorded, whichever is the earlier.

The last possible issue date for a certificate is 18 months from the date of manufacture of the unit, which accounts for 6 months of storage at our warehouses, and a further 12 months storage at the client's premises.

If a logger has been first configured more than 18 months after its manufacturing date, the certificate will show the date of issue as 18 months after its manufacturing date.

Calibration certificate availability
Calibration certificates are only available in the software if the logger was manufactured after April 2019.

You must use the logger solely with LogTag Analyzer 3. If you or someone else have configured a logger first with LogTag Analyzer 2 before using it with LogTag Analyzer 3, a certificate will not be available.

Calibration certificates are also not available for vaxtag loggers, or for indicator products TIC20, TICT and iS0ºTag.

If you have requested a calibration from a lab, and the lab has adjusted the logger, the factory calibration certificate will no longer be available. The 'Certificate of calibration' button will be inactive.

If your logger was calibrated by an external laboratory, but they did not adjust the logger, LogTag Analyzer will still show the original (now expired) calibration certificate. You can ask your laboratory to invalidate this certificate (your laboratory will know how to do this) so it will no longer show, but you cannot view the new certificate in LogTag Analyzer.


Which version of software do I need?
The availability of certificates was first introduced in LogTag Analyzer 3.1r6. Generally, if a logger was first configured with this or a later version, the software will allow you to print a certificate, however, printing is reduced to the period for which the certificate is valid. You will also not be able to see a certificate, if you activated the logger later than 18 months from date of manufacture.

A change to the availability of certificates was made with the introduction of LogTag Analyzer 3.1r12. If you first configured your logger with this version, the date for which a logger's certificate is available has increased, as has the period in which a logger must be activated to be able to see the certificate, however, the general rules for the validity of the certificate have not changed.

Calibration certificates can be viewed:
in LogTag Analyzer 3, in the LogTag Configure window (after it has been configured once):


​in the LogTag Analyzer 3 Report tab when viewing a file or downloaded the logger:


What to do if you cannot click the Certificate button?
If you cannot click the button, and you cannot retrieve the certificate, you should try the following (note that this process triggers the 12-month validity for the certificate):

1. Configure the logger (click LogTag - Configure, or press F3, the click Configure from the Configuration screen).

2. Once configured, click Restart. The certificate should now be available.


If you still cannot see a certificate, and you believe one should be available, contact LogTag for technical support, they can assist with providing a certificate.