During configuration of loggers with a display you can set the option to ignore up to 15 readings for alarm- and statistics calculations after either button is pressed. The readings are still shown on the graph and in the data listing, but they are labelled as paused, and their value is ignored when determining alarm trigger conditions, minimum/maximum values and other statistical calculations. This function is useful when you wish to review readings during the logger's operation (or clear an alarm), but you do not wish to trigger an alarm due to your handling the product. It also allows the logger to acclimatize to the environmental conditions again, before further readings are processed.
After a button press the display shows the word PAUSED.

Paused readings are specially marked in the graph and data listings.

PAUSED will turn off as soon as the last ignored reading has been recorded. It will show longer, if your last button press was just after the logger took a temperature reading, but will be displayed for a shorter period if you pressed the button just before a reading is taken.