Key features of the LogTag® System

Easy to use

Powerful software "LogTag Analyzer for Windows™" allows fast download and archiving while its comprehensive graphical and list views simplify further data processing.

Also the automatic e-mailing or uploading to FTP sites are easily possible.


Fast reaction to temperature change

The temperature sensor is uniquely arranged in a recess in the side of the case providing fast reaction to temperature change. This enables optimum temperature monitoring during transport.

Slim flat case design

Not too small to be too hard to find, yet thin enough to be mailed 'letter rate' in the post. Fits into most packaging easily and is thus ideal for temperature monitoring during transport.

Rapid download

LogTag® interface cradles are compatible with all LogTag® data logger products. No fiddly plugs - just slide the LogTag® into the interface slot and in less than 5 (!) seconds the data will have been automatically downloaded and saved without the need for further user interaction.


Real time clock

All LogTag® models records time & temperature/humidity simultaneously allowing easy comparison of multiple loggers.

LED indicators

Alert indicator LED's can be configured to flash when preset conditions are encountered.


Statistic Displays

Comprehensive statistics memory: this allows viewing of min/max values and temperature excursions for the last days and weeks, directly on the logger's display. This is of advantage if a PC is not available at the destination.


Multiple Alarm Levels

Allows setting up to  6 freely configurable alarm thresholds.


Audible Alarm

An Alarm event is registered, when a pre-determined number of recorded values are outside defined thresholds. An audible alarm sounds. 

Individual Calibration

Unique logger serial number allows individual calibration.



Huge memory

Up to 16.000 data points (TRIX-16). At 30 minute sampling this allows you to keep almost a full year’s readings in memory without the need to download in between.


Fine resolution of measurement

Fine measurement resolution of 0.1°C and 0.1%RH (HAXO) allows trends to be recognized early.

Push button for Start and Inspection Mark

Logger can be configured to start recording at a given date and time or via the START/MARK push button. Multiple loggers can be pre-configured and started when needed. Pushing the START/MARK button during logging records an inspection mark in LogTag® memory which can be viewed in the software once downloaded.