Easy to use

Powerful software "LogTag Analyzer for Windows™" allows fast download and archiving while its comprehensive graphical and list views simplify further data processing.

Also the automatic e-mailing or uploading to FTP sites are easily possible.


Statistic Display

Comprehensive statistics memory: this allows viewing of min/max values and temperature excursions for the last days and weeks, directly on the logger's display. This is of advantage if a PC is not available at the destination.


Multiple Alarm Levels

Allows setting up to  6 freely configurable alarm thresholds. 

Audible Alarm

An Alarm event is registered, when a pre-determined number of recorded values are outside defined thresholds. An audible alarm sounds.



Slim flat case design

Not too small to be too hard to find, yet thin enough to be mailed 'letter rate' in the post. Fits into most packaging easily and is thus ideal for temperature monitoring during transport.