Automated Temperature Monitoring with LogTag WiFi

Our LogTag WiFi product line has been developed with the aim of providing the best price/performance ratio on the market for automated environmental monitoring in the pharmaceutical and food sectors.

Safely monitor temperatures during storage and transport of medicines and food, automatically, and with minimal effort.

  • Unbeaten price/performance ratio
  • THE standard in transport monitoring
  • Reliable and durable WiFi data loggers
  • Extremely powerful, FDA-compliant software

Overview of the LogTag WiFi products

WiFi Data Logger with Display

The UTRED30-WiFi is the crown jewel of real-time temperature monitoring:
From configuration to recording in less than 5 minutes - and without expensive additional infrastructure.

Let our WiFi data logger alert you in real-time about a wide variety of configurable alarm events, from exceeding temperature thresholds to power failures. Select how you want to be notified, for example via email or SMS/instant messaging. The device also has an Alert LED and an audible alarm to inform nearby employees.

Not only is the data automatically transferred to LogTag Online - the UTRED30-WiFi also has a large display on which the minimum and maximum temperatures of the last 30 days can be called up.


  • Email and instant messaging notifications in the event of an alarm.
  • Check and reset the min/max temperature values at any time.
  • Set up WiFi and temperature parameters in less than 5 minutes.
  • Three power sources that survive any power failure.
  • Automatic data transfer via W-Fi network to LogTag Online.
  • 30-day statistics summary of min/max temperatures can be viewed on the screen.

UTRED30-WiFi Product page

WiFi Real-Time Wall-Mount Interface


The new, wireless interface LTI-WM-WiFi for wall mounting connects conventional data loggers with external sensors (TREX/TREL/TRED) via WiFi with an external cloud server for real-time data transmission.


  • Transfer of real-time data without computers or software.
  • Easy to configure for any WiFi network.
  • Encrypted data is automatically transferred to a secure server.
  • Internal storage if the WiFi network is unavailable.
  • Real-time transmission using TREX/TREL/TRED data loggers.

LT-WM-WiFi Product Page

WiFi Interface

Compatible with all LogTag data loggers not equipped with a USB port

Use the LTI-WiFi to download data loggers without a PC and installed software. The new LogTag Interface LTI-WiFi is a WiFi-enabled device that transmits logger data to an external cloud server via your 802.11 b/g/n network.


  • Data transfer without a computer or software.
  • Easy to configure for any WiFi network.
  • Encrypted data is automatically transferred to a secure server.
  • Internal storage if the WiFi network is unavailable.
  • Use a power bank to create a portable data access point.

LTI-WiFi Interface Product Page

Cloud-Based Monitoring System - LogTag Online

Simple, scalable, secure

LogTag Online (LTO) is a cloud-based temperature and humidity monitoring system that offers alarm notifications, proof of conformity, data storage and reporting functions.

Using LTO, users can download data from LogTag data loggers, display them in the cloud and save and share them using an authorization system. The basic version of LogTag Online is free. Additional functions can be accessed via paid subscriptions. Compatible with all LogTag models.

Find out more about the LogTag Online cloud application