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Data Management - fully automated & worldwide

Data Management - fully automated & worldwide

LogTag Analyzer Software offers not one but two methods to create your own individual data management solution - simply and effectively.

Automatic e-mailer (SMTP)

This function allows you to send downloaded LogTag data to any number of recipients via e-mail, fully automatic and without any user intervention.

There is no need to install a new server, and configuration of the LogTag Analyzer software is extremely easy.

Typical Applications
  • Transfer of live data directly to your e-mail inbox as they are read in the lab, during quality control, at inwards goods points or other locations in your company
  • Notification of recipients, distributors or other stakeholders as soon as goods have passed incoming inspection stations
  • Tracking and forwarding of designated logger data, selected through specific filters in your e-mail program
  • Time-saving and added security achieved through an automated mechanism where no intervention is required when transferring data.
  • Information is always available in your mailbox with no need to download from remote servers

Automatic uploading to servers (FTP)

Many organizations need to keep track of data in a central location for accessibilty from multiple offices.
LogTag Analyzer offers the option to upload data fully automatic to an FTP server without user intervention. This offers staff, business partners, project managers and other users with access rights the opportunity to view and compare data from anywhere in the world.

Typical Applications
  • Central storage and worldwide access to data
  • Gap-free and immediate monitoring of the cold-chain
  • through logistics operators, receivers and clients.
  • Automated backup of critical data hosted on external servers
  • On-demand access of data instead of undesired e-mail distribution
  • Data integrity - no duplicate files spread throughout your organization
  • Organizations where central data data storage is already mandatory

Best of both worlds ...

You can't decide, as both methods would really assist you in your daily work?

No problem! LogTag Analyzer allows the simultaneous use of both functions!