LogTag data loggers carry unique serial numbers, and can therefore be calibrated*. We recommend calibration is done by an laboratory that can provide traceable calibrations,

LogTag loggers can also be adjusted. For this, you need to use LogTag Calibrate software, LogTag's proprietary adjustment software. LogTag Calibrate is free for calibration laboratories, however, it is restricted to approved users who have suitable equipment and credentials relating to standard practices of Temperature and/or Humidity calibration.

If you require calibration of your logger, please contact your local supplier.

Calibrate after a battery change
Loggers that had their case opened have potentially been exposed to electrostatic or other damaging effects.

Such loggers should be validated for correct operation and performance after the battery change, preferably by re-calibrating the unit, where ideally the product should be exposed to its full temperature measuring range.


Logger calibration certificates
Calibration certificates for factory-new loggers can be obtained directly from LogTag Analyzer. Please see here for instructions.

If your logger was calibrated by an external laboratory, please contact that laboratory for information.


* External probes must be calibrated together with a logger to form a calibrated bundle