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LogTag® TREL-8 Low Temperature at a Distance 


Monitoring of articles stored at very low temperatures such as in dry ice type environments, where a remote probe is beneficial.

Product Summary

The LogTag® Low Temperature Remote Probe Recorder measures and stores up to 8000 temperature readings over -90 °C to +40 °C measurement range from associated interchangeable LogTag® ST10 type remote probe temperature sensor (available in lengths up to 3 meters).

Intended for use in monitoring of articles stored at low temperatures such as in dry ice type environments.

Using the LogTag® Interface and LogTag’s freely available companion software LogTag® Analyzer, the LogTag® is easily configured for recording conditions including delayed start, sampling interval, number of readings and configuration of conditions to activate the ALERT indicator.

Readings are downloaded using LogTag® Analyzer which provides facilities for charting, zooming, listing data statistics and allows exporting the data to other applications such as Excel.

Product Highlights

  • Alert indicator – indicates if readings are outside of preset limits
  • OK indicator indicates if still recording and if readings within configured limits
  • Inspection mark in log by push button
  • Push Button Logging start
  • Rapid Download! Takes only seconds to download recordings
  • 'Pre-Start' logging - Logtag® can be configured to record even if it has not been started.
  • High performance at low cost
  • Credit card sized case – thin enough to be easily mailed “letter rate”.
  • Real time clock records time & temperature simultaneously
  • Easy to use LogTag®Analyzer software that runs on any PC configures LogTag® for recording then downloads resulting data for analysis. Data can also be exported to formats compatible with other applications such as Excel
  • Re-calibration to achieve higher accuracy possible
  • High quality gold plated remote sensor connector
  • Interchangeable Probes – LogTag® remote temperature probes are interchangeable.

Technical Specifications

Part Order Code TREL-8
Remote Probe Temperature Sensor measurement range (ST10 type only) -90 ~ +40 °C
Recorder operating temperature range -30 ~ +70 °C
Rated Temperature reading accuracy

Better than ±1 °C for -30 °C~ +20 °C
better than ±1.2 °C for -45 °C~ -30 °C & +20 °C~+40 °C
better than ±1.7 °C for -80 °C~-45 °C
better than ±2.0 °C for -90 °C~-80 °C

Ex-factory values with standard 1m LogTag® Supplied probe and with recorder case sitting in temperature 0 °C ~ 50 °C) Actual performance is normally much better than the rated values. Accuracy figures can be improved by recalibration.

Capacity 8000 temperature readings (16Kbytes memory)
Sampling frequency adjustable, 30 sec to several hours
Download Time Typically with full memory in less than 5 seconds depending on computer or readout device used.
Power source 3 V Lithium - replaceable by qualified technician
Battery life 2~3 years typical use – longer (up to 5-10 years) if recorder is hibernated between uses.
External Sensor Cable Length Standard: 50 cm (Part# ST10S-05)
Extended: 3 m (Part# ST10S-30)
External Sensor Cable Type PTFE/FEP (FDA food contact rated) coaxial
Size 86 mm (H) x 54,5 mm (B) x 8,6 mm (T)
Weight 35 grams without ST100
Case Material Polycarbonate
LogTag® Recorders reserves the right to change this product’s specifications without notice.

Remote Probe Options

LogTag® TREL is designed and calibrated for use with the LogTag® ST10S remote temperature probe. Only this probe is compatible with TREL and using any other probe type is likely to cause an error in readings.

LogTag® ST10S sensors are designed and calibrated for interchangeability with TREL loggers to the standard rated accuracy of the product. If a TREL/ST10S probe combination is calibrated to a higher level of accuracy (as is possible) then care should be taken to always use the same TREL/ST10S combination for measurements as the ST10S sensor is not rated interchangeable at accuracies better than the TREL/ST10S rating in this specification.

Identifying an ST100 probe

The ST10S probe is distinguished from other LogTag® remote temperature probe types by the green sleeve color on the sensor’s plug.

ST10S-05 (0.5 m)
ST10S-30 (3 m)

Short tipped probe

The tipped probe incorporates a 22 mm exposed length of 5 mm OD 316 stainless probe without handle but with small over mold to improve resistance to moisture and provide cable strain relief.
All materials at probe end of cable are FDA food rated including the cable.
Supplied standard (part# ST10S-05) with 0.5 m or extended (part#ST10S-30) with 3 m cable terminated to MCX plug for plugging into LogTag® TREL.

STX-50 (5.0 m)

External sensor extension cable

The STX-50 is a 5 meter (~16’ 5”) extension cable for extending ST10 or ST100 external temperature sensors.

The socket end of the cable (which accepts the ST100 or ST10 sensor plug) is fitted with a flexible sleeve that when the ST sensor’s plug is in place will protect the mated connection to IP61.

Data Sheet STX-50